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Agile vs Waterfall

Both agile and waterfall are project management methodologies. In this blog series we are talking about the agile methodology and compare it to waterfall. We will share with you how we are scrumming and what has changed for us since we decided to go that route.

What is Agile? And what is Waterfall?

\"Agile1\"The Agile project management style is an alternative to the more conventional waterfall method. Both methodologies are used in software development.

With Agile we develop small portions of software at a time, rather than trying to deliver everything when the project ends. Agile’s success lies in working on small sections of work that are conceptualized and completed within a given time period. We prioritise these portions of functionality during planning sessions. At the end of a two week work cycle we deliver completed, functioning software. Because of this, we can respond well to unpredictable, changing circumstances.

\"Agile2\"The Waterfall approach on the other hand uses a model that runs from top to bottom, like a waterfall. There are a number of phases, like establishing requirements, designing, implementation, verification and maintenance. Once the project manager identifies the project objectives, he/she allocates tasks to team members. The outcome of a waterfall project relies heavily on the performance of the team. Teams deliver work at the end of the project. This which makes tackling unknown changes difficult.

Compare the items below to see the differences in approach:


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