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Exergy: A digital insurance solution for the cloud

With global cloud providers investing into data-centres in South Africa, financial service providers are re-examining how best to approach their transition to this environment. For its part, SilverBridge is repositioning its Exergy insurance solution as a digital suite of products that can either be consumed on a modular basis or as part of an integrated whole.

“Looking at the future of the local market, cloud-based solutions are becoming a strategic priority. By leveraging our well-established partnership with Microsoft, we have shifted our approach to this environment and are expanding our solutions with new components. This is done by either building ourselves, using functionality available on the Microsoft platform, or working with our partners,” says Lee Kuyper, COO at SilverBridge.

Traditionally, financial services customers have been hesitant to go the cloud route due to concerns around the security of sensitive financial data and regulatory issues pertaining to data sovereignty. With the arrival of the Microsoft datacentres in the country, these concerns have been largely addressed and started to ease. This is resulting in increased comfort levels in exploring the value that cloud solutions have to offer.

“We’ve been having cloud discussion with clients for a while. Some have moved prior to the arrival of the data-centres whilst others have been more cautious. But the past two years have seen a massive shift in attitude from insurers with everyone now considering how to gain benefit in some way,” says Kuyper.

This changing focus is also reflected in how SilverBridge has approached the evolution of Exergy.

“The real value and power of the Microsoft Azure cloud is not just moving workloads to the cloud but leveraging what the platform has to offer. SilverBridge has moved the Exergy development environment into the cloud as it provides us with more innovative ways of creating and enhancing our software. For clients, this also means that instead of upgrading annually, we are moving to a place where the value created by our development teams is rolled out regularly and in smaller increments,” concludes, Kuyper.

Ultimately, the cloud is ushering in exciting opportunities to innovate using more sophisticated tools and platforms.

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