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Alula and Ally Health partner to deliver holistic digital health solution

Alula Technologies Group, a leading provider of essential solutions for life and health insurance companies, has announced a strategic partnership with Ally Health, a provider of on-demand clinical care tasks that is setting new standards in the accessibility of care. This partnership is set to redefine the landscape of digital health, leveraging intelligent algorithms, and integrating a range of health data to empower individuals with a reliable view of their health risk. The partnership underscores how small behavioural changes from patients can result in significant health gains.

“Alula’s innovative platform offers insurers a unified view of a consumer’s health, medical, and wellness information. With a focus on smart insights, Alula’s technology facilitates accurate underwriting of new policies, efficient risk management, cost reduction, innovative product design, and enhanced policyholder engagement. Proprietary algorithms generate a unique Health Score, providing a real-time snapshot of an individual’s health status and driving meaningful engagement with the policyholder,” says Simon Spurr, Managing Director of Alula Health.

The collaboration will empower insurers to better understand and manage their policyholders whilst providing a comprehensive view of an individual’s health status. This holistic approach is set to encourage healthier behaviours, resulting in improved long-term health outcomes, and fostering a culture of wellbeing management among policyholders.

“Ally brings its strengths in on-demand, patient-led clinical care to the partnership. Its focus on technology creates new opportunities for Alula to incorporate diagnostic results and real-life health readings, such as blood pressure and body mass index, into their platform. This integration of real-time and historical data exemplifies the effective use of risk identification and stratification models, ultimately providing substantial savings to insurance companies,” says Kelly Klifa, Co-Founder and CEO of Ally Health.

Both Ally and Alula’s clients stand to gain significantly from this collaboration. Ally’s ‘direct’ health measurements will be enriched with longitudinal data from wearables, remote photoplethysmography (rPPG), and insurers’ data sets. Alula’s insurance clients will benefit from a deeper understanding of their customers’ health, leading to better risk management and engagement.

This partnership will significantly enhance the value propositions of life and health insurers in the United Kingdom. Plan owners will enjoy improved health outcomes through more accessible and actionable health data, reducing long-term risks and focusing on cardiovascular health and non-communicable diseases. For health and life insurers, the partnership promises more accurate upfront underwriting, a reduction in claims through improved health outcomes, deeper insight into risk, and better engagement with policyholders.

The strategic collaboration will see the organisations delivering the joint solution to insurers in the second half of this year. 

About Alula

The Alula Technologies Group provides business critical solutions to Life and Health insurance companies. Our solutions modernise policy administration, digitalise policyholder and channel engagement, and intelligently automate key insurance business processes. We also integrate first and third-party data, including health and wellness data, to drive more efficient operations, improved policyholder experiences, and a better understanding and management of risk.

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