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Alula unveils HealthCloud v7.0

Ilze Viljoen, Product Owner at Alula Health

Alula Technologies Group, a leading provider of essential solutions for life and health insurance companies, has announced the availability of HealthCloud v7.0, a significant upgrade to its health and insurance data platform. The new version marks the seventh major release since its initial launch in February 2020.

HealthCloud v7.0 introduces several enhancements to the platform that include a redesign of the user interface to align with the Alula brand identity following its acquisition of HealthCloud at the end of 2022. This reflects the organisation’s focus on improving navigation and to streamline the flow of information to enhance the user experience.

“This new version marks a substantial milestone in our journey to integrate disparate insurance and health data sets. HealthCloud v7.0 is testament to our commitment to continually innovate and align our solutions with the evolving needs of our clients. We believe that this version will redefine how our clients interact with health and insurance data, providing them with a fresh, efficient, and user-friendly experience,” says Ilze Viljoen, Product Owner at Alula Health.

HealthCloud v7.0 introduces an advancement in data governance, specifically in handling data checks on minors (persons under the age of 18). This enhancement is supported by user navigational changes to the user to verify the date of birth earlier in the process of identity verification with the South African Department of Home Affairs. This new feature supports the Alula mission to deliver accurate and validated information to its clients, underpinned by appropriate consumer consent and in line with governance and privacy policies. Alula plans to expand this accessibility by accommodating user authentication from other countries, including the United Kingdom and UAE.

Several other updates are also in the pipeline. These include industry benchmarking for the well-established Health Score. This dynamic Health Score is used by multiple insurance and healthcare providers as a trusted indicator of a person’s overall health status. The benchmark aims to give insights on how an individual’s score compares to peers of same age and gender. The benchmark configuration is customisable per client and can therefore be further refined by including additional population differentiators such as smoking status and BMI.

Additionally, to provide a more comprehensive view of a customer’s health status and risk profile, Alula will introduce telematics data related to driving behaviour in the near future. This addition provides insurers with a new dimension to improve their understanding of individual behaviour.

Furthermore, there are plans to incorporate dashboards to highlight trends and identify key consumer risks that will enable insurers and healthcare providers to drill down into more detail and reach conclusions even faster.

“The launch of HealthCloud v7.0 is not just an upgrade but an important step towards how our business transforms and evolves. We are excited about these changes, and we are committed to continuously innovate and produce world-class technology solutions that empower our clients in better understanding, and engaging with, their end policyholders,” adds Viljoen.

About Alula

The Alula Technologies Group provides business critical solutions to Life and Health insurance companies. Our solutions modernise policy administration, digitise policyholder and channel engagement, and intelligently automate key insurance business processes. We also integrate first and third-party data, including health and wellness data, to assist with non-disclosure, mitigate fraud and to drive more efficient operations, improved policyholder experiences, and a better understanding and management of risk.

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