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Driving innovation from within at SilverBridge

\"2017-03-29_SVB_AwesomeAs a premium technology solutions provider in the insurance industry, SilverBridge introduced the Awesome Projects internal competition to reward innovative thinking by its employees.

Stuart Blyth, a director at SilverBridge, says the competition was started to get employees to think outside of their daily jobs and encourage big, innovative ideas.

“The competitive landscape in the digital age of business is incredibly intense and organisations need to find an edge that can deliver real business value to all their stakeholders. SilverBridge understands this and pro-actively introduced this competition to re-invent ourselves and look at exciting ways to adapt and evolve,” says Blyth.

Awesome Projects sees participants either entering as individuals or teams. It aims to make business better for either ourselves or our customers and solve problems in interesting and different ways. To this end, employees are encouraged to make use of emerging technologies.

This has seen the development of several interesting projects this year, that range from using Bitcoin as an insurance premium payment type to creating an Internet of Things experience for the office. Other examples include an automated compliance portal for customers and a chat bot that provides feedback to customers on support logs.

One of the drivers for the success of the initiative has been senior management encouraging and supporting employees throughout the process. Not only do participants get recognition but they see management really driving the innovation message.

“We are really excited by the potential that Awesome Projects will provide SilverBridge. Initiatives like these generally take a few years to start creating value and reinforcing an innovation culture within the group but the early signs are already very encouraging. This will help drive SilverBridge even further into the digital future and empower our employees with even more creative ways to affect change within the company,” he concludes.

About SilverBridge

SilverBridge has over 20 years’ experience as a leading provider of insurance software solutions in the African financial services industry. Our footprint extends to 12 African countries. SilverBridge has introduced an enhanced service offering allowing financial services companies the opportunity to respond quickly to changing markets. With more than 30 customers throughout Africa, SilverBridge has the knowledge, experience, and technology to help its clients do better business.

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