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Hollard Partner Solutions joins forces with SilverBridge for its core insurance system Exergy

SilverBridge has entered into a contract with The Hollard Life Company to implement the Exergy cloud-based policy administration system for the Hollard Partner Solutions business, a division of the well-known South African insurer.

“Our organisation has worked with the Hollard group for a number of years now and has been part of assisting the organisation with its expansion into Africa. This has been an operational success and enabled significant improvements and now the Hollard Partner Solutions business has engaged us to do the same,” says Lee Kuyper, COO at SilverBridge Holdings.

Fundamental to the decision to move has been the advantages the cloud can provide insurers in the digital landscape. This includes an effective environment to test and deploy new technologies, enabling insurers to innovative quicker in a highly competitive environment.

“Like most insurers, Hollard wants to position its business for a digital world. Our experience in doing this for other customers and our close relationship with global technology leader Microsoft has given us a further edge to any competitors in the market. But for us, it is not just about finding the perfect technology fit, but providing value to our customers. They understand the technology and how to effectively adapt it to suit the unique requirements of our customers, and how to engage with the people at our clients in a way which builds trust and confidence that we will be there for them whenever they need us,” says Kuyper.

Using Exergy on the Microsoft Azure cloud will help Hollard Partner Solutions modernise its core insurance system. It will give the organisation the ability to not only scale according to customer requirements but embrace emerging technologies to deliver significant value to end customers.

“The project will be done through a phased approach to ensure all policies are effectively migrated and the Hollard team is equipped to use the Exergy platform optimally. Even though any insurance system migration is a complicated process, the established SilverBridge relationship and track record with Hollard does make it much smoother. Change management is vital for a project of such magnitude, and Hollard has committed a number of resources to assist in the smooth transition. Our experienced consultants also provide Hollard with the comfort that our people will be with them every step of the way. We have more than two decades experience in the insurance industry and our people are our most valuable asset to help leverage the value to be had from technology investments in a digitally-led business environment,” concludes Kuyper.

“Hollard Partner Solutions are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead with Silverbridge because our IT philosophies are closely aligned. As we focus on digital transformation, the Exergy platform also plays a pivotal role in enhancing our online channels and processing capabilities,” says Duran Chetty, COO at Hollard Partner Solutions.

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