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Lesotho insurer digitises business with SilverBridge

\"\"Cirrus, a subsidiary of the SilverBridge Group, has completed a digitisation project for the Lesotho National Life Assurance Company (LNLAC), a member of the Regent Group of companies. This has seen the scanning of 1.7 million documents to improve business processes at the insurer and provide better customer service to their clients.

Previously, LNLAC was reliant on a manual, paper-based, business process, that resulted in a significant number of physical documents being built up since its inception. LNLAC needed to find a way to capture all these documents electronically within the Exergy administration system to ensure a more efficient storage and retrieval process could be implemented which would, in turn, improve the company business processes and turnaround times.

“Cirrus provided LNLAC with a completely integrated back scanning solution that would help it meet its business objectives. Furthermore, the project needed to be completed within a month to ensure that the impact to both existing and new customers was minimal,” says Patrick Ashton, CEO at Cirrus.

Cirrus transported more than 900 boxes of documents from Lesotho to its POPI and ISO 15801-compliant scanning facility in Pretoria. The documents were prepared for scanning, collated into scanning packs, and scanned using high-speed scanners capable of capturing 15 000 images per day. The documents were indexed and sent through a stringent quality assurance process to ensure the successful capture and quality of all documents.

Once completed, the electronic files were copied to a central server where integration routines were developed for transferring to the Exergy production environment and attaching the documents to the correct policies within the system.

“Cirrus provided the client with detailed daily reports to keep them appraised of the status of the project. Our team also developed custom view screens for LNLAC users so they could quickly search for document images and view those files which had no corresponding policy within Exergy,” says Ashton.

In addition to completing the digitisation project within the tight timeframes, Cirrus has enabled the LNLAC to implement an ongoing scanning, indexing, and quality assurance process to largely remove paper and associated manual processes from the business. The risk of disaster severely affecting the LNLAC business has also been significantly reduced through the introduction of the digital processes.

“Going digital means that LNLAC now has more control over its business whilst at the same time significantly improving its customer service through immediate access to all policy documentation,” says Ashton.

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