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Liberty Kenya mitigates risk of lockdown with SilverBridge digitalisation project

Liberty Kenya partnered with SilverBridge Holdings to digitalise its paper-based onboarding process with the intention of improving the customer experience while delivering on the digital enablement of beneficiaries. The foresight of the insurer to modernise this business-critical process also enabled it to mitigate the business impact of the unforeseen COVID-19 lockdown conditions in the country.

A manual customer onboarding process tends to result in human errors that would slow down delivery time on loading policies. Furthermore, any mistakes on an application form or errors inputting the information required Liberty Kenya to embark on an extensive review process that would potentially delay the application.

The digitalisation of these processes had to be an extension of the existing administrative solution to empower advisors to engage with customers across a multi-channel environment for a seamless experience.

“SilverBridge has been a technology partner for Liberty Kenya for more than 12 years, so the decision to work with us on this exciting digitalisation project reinforced the value the organisation provided to Liberty Kenya. Our deep industry knowledge coupled with our understanding of the Liberty Kenya business proved invaluable on the project,” says Alma Joubert, Portfolio Manager at SilverBridge.

The implementation took a little over a year to complete with the new digital environment operational at the end of 2019. There was significant engagement between the SilverBridge and Liberty Kenya teams to ensure the success of the project.

“Liberty advisors were integrally involved in the digitalisation process working with the SilverBridge team to address the business-critical issues important to them that were identified by the previous manual process. This saw the advisors embracing the system in its entirety resulting in significantly improved customer experience and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Policies can now be loaded virtually in real-time,” adds Joubert.

The resultant implementation has seen the customer onboarding process being reduced from three weeks due to the manual system to real-time. Due to virtually eliminating paper-based forms, Liberty Kenya has also been able to decrease the administrative expenses associated with onboarding by 50%.

“The digitalisation of the on-boarding process has been a game changer for Liberty Life Kenya and has positively transformed the advisor, customer, and employee experience in a significant way,” says Asman Mugambi, General Manager: Operations at Liberty Life Kenya.

Thanks to this new digital onboarding environment, the Liberty Kenya advisors were able to rapidly adopt and continue with the sales engagements during the first several weeks of the lockdown, despite restrictions on physical interaction with customers.

“Policies can now be loaded virtually and in real-time. This digital enablement of its advisors means customer engagement can continue using a variety of platforms that mitigate the risk of any future lockdown conditions,” concludes Joubert.

To read more about the Liberty digitalisation project, access the full case study here

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