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Reduce IT risks with SilverBridge KnowledgeBase

SilverBridge, a provider of software solutions to the financial services industry, has introduced SilverBridge KnowledgeBase, a tool that will help
organisations reduce risk during IT projects.

King III requires company executives to run their IT projects properly and to ensure that prudent and reasonable steps have been taken with respect to IT governance.

Technology is an integral part of doing business today and is fundamental to the support, sustainability and growth of each organisation. It cuts across all aspects, components and processes in business and is therefore not only an operational enabler for a company, but an important strategic asset which can be leveraged to create opportunities and to gain competitive advantage.

As well as being a strategic asset to the company, IT also presents organisations with significant risks. These need to be well governed and
controlled to ensure that IT supports the strategic objectives of the organisation. King III says directors should ensure that prudent and reasonable steps have been taken with respect to IT governance.

SilverBridge KnowledgeBase simplifies how information is shared and helps to ensure security and compliance. It provides organisations with a proven methodology and repository for sharing information, a platform for collaborating across multiple project teams.

Furthermore, it offers simplified share functionality and allows users to search lists, libraries, content and even within documents. Users can now
manage content – they can create, publish, manage and control a large, dynamic collection of documents.

SilverBridge solution design executive Paul du Plessis says SilverBridge KnowledgeBase helps control the creation and authentication of documents, while ensuring security and preventing damage or loss. \”It makes it easy to share and track documents at all times and also makes document retrieval easy.\”

\”More importantly, storing documents in a central location can help teams collaborate more efficiently. Users can now also have access to technical documents and operation procedures that can be updated throughout the project,\” he explains.

He says corporate governance now requires active consideration of IT governance. \”Due to the critical nature of IT in enabling business processes, and the intellectual property and other information resources that are exposed through technology channels, IT governance is an essential component in ensuring the efficient and secure operation of the business.\”

The biggest challenge facing the industry at the moment is getting the right information to the right people at the right time. To this end, SilverBridge has made its suite of products and tools available to its clients and partners through an online portal to provide them with relevant resources when they need it.

\”Knowledge and tools need to be available and ready to use. We have not only made our Exergy platform available to our clients, but also all the tools, designs, specifications and test cases required to design, implement and run the solution,\” he concludes.


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