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SilverBridge Awesome Projects gives rise to culture of innovation

\"2017-07-12_SVB_APSilverBridge has recently concluded the second year of its Awesome Projects campaign rewarding innovative thinking by its employees. Such has been the quality of entrants that it will be implementing most of the project submissions as solutions in the organisation.

“We wanted to encourage out-of-the-box thinking by our employees and this year’s competition certainly showcased that. SilverBridge is very excited about what these projects will bring in terms of existing customer development and new business opportunities,” says Stuart Blyth, a director at SilverBridge.

Below is more detail (in alphabetical order) on each of the fourteen submissions for the 2017 Awesome Projects competition:

C³ Matrix

This solution has been developed to automate data-driven client communication to maintain and grow its business. For example, agents of an insurance company will receive weekly emails of data relating to their portfolio to help drive cross selling, up selling, follows up with potential lapses, and overall improved service. It has resulted in the creation of a Web communication platform offering both internal and external clients the opportunity to setup and manage the execution of email communication to the relevant people.

Digital App

A digital application portal hosted in Microsoft Azure that can be white labelled for life insurance companies to digitalise their new business application forms. The app has field and data validation, and straight-through-processing which will improve customer service and increase revenue. It also features offline capabilities and full integration with Exergy, the SilverBridge policy administration system.

Exergy Mobile SLA tracker

This mobile tracker enables managers in an operations department to monitor service level agreements (SLAs) on tasks using specific data sets. This lets them make informed business decisions as the tracker connects to a sales database containing all the relevant information.

Generic Bulk Tool

This framework facilitates bulk corrections to data within Exergy. It includes a Bulk Allocation Tool to reduce the manual processing time as well as the risk of user error, saving hours every time a large data correction is done. The tool also provides user feedback on any bulk data corrections that took place.


This hosted, multi-tenant, automated online group scheme quoting platform is Web-based to enable brokers to easily submit quotes, track their progress, and monitor their customer base. It also enables the refinement of pricing models based on relevant real-time data.

Help Me

This project enables a customer to use a chatbot to receive round-the-clock feedback on progress of any support issue raised. Consisting of a Skype and email bot, Help Me enhances the customer experience by offering quick responses without an individual having to pull the required information.

How do I do it?

This is a series of configurable tutorials that show users in real-time how to complete certain tasks in Exergy without impacting on production data. These can be accessed through the Help menu under Interactive Tutorials that will dynamically switch Exergy to a test or tutorial database. Once the tutorial is completed, Exergy will automatically return to the production environment so the user can continue his or her work.


By integrating with the Internet of Things (IoT), InControl will enable users to control connected electronics around the office. For example, office lights and electronics switched off using your mobile phone and meeting room schedules displayed on a 7-inch screen that automatically gets updated once new meetings are booked via Skype messages to a friendly bot.

Intelligent Test Automation

Combining a machine-learning engine with coded user interface test cases that reads from a database, Intelligent Test Automation can be run internally on any product within the SilverBridge portfolio. Simplifying costly testing of products, this will improve productivity throughout the group.

Rands and the Bitcoin

This project developed the ability for Exergy to receive cryptocurrencies as a payment method for insurance premiums. Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, this project enables SilverBridge clients to receive cross-border payments more efficiently and at lower costs than was available previously. Each policy gets a wallet address assigned to it allowing for immediate transfer of funds from anywhere in the world.

Regulatory Compliance Framework

This project sees the creation of an integrated Compliance Portal that aligns to the Financial Services board requirements. Basically, for insurance companies it offers an auditable compliance management tool integrated into their policy administration and human resources systems. The portal provides SilverBridge with the ability to cater for the compliance needs of any financial services provider in South Africa.

RnR (Retaining revenue)

A project for internal use at SilverBridge, it provides a single customer view (SCV) by utilising the huge amount of data from several channels into a central location to develop a more personalised view of a customer. This will give the business a guide to improving future sales as well as customer interactions.

SVB Finance Transformation with BI

A project for internal use at SilverBridge, this project aims to uncover previously unknown insights in financial data that can reduce costs and risks while increasing profits and transparency. By integrating specific back-end databases, it generates real-time views on team utilisation, project revenue, and client profitability using Microsoft Power BI.


This provides Exergy users with a chat tool linking to an internal helpline within their own organisation as well as an external link to a SilverBridge support person. Using Talk2me and desktop sharing, users can instantly highlight with what they are struggling for the issue to be resolved quickly.

About SilverBridge

SilverBridge has over 20 years’ experience as a leading provider of insurance software solutions in the African financial services industry. Our footprint extends to 12 African countries. SilverBridge has introduced an enhanced service offering allowing financial services companies the opportunity to respond quickly to changing markets. With more than 30 customers throughout Africa, SilverBridge has the knowledge, experience, and technology to help its clients do better business.

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