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SilverBridge unveils BHave automated testing tool, training course

\"2017-10-17_SVBSilverBridge says its in-house automated testing tool, BHave, provides the group with an effective way to increase the efficiency of its software testing. BHave ensures product development and customer support happens as smoothly as possible.

Recently, the company used a two-week beta testing session to introduce the solution to several of its clients.

“We wanted to give clients the opportunity to start using BHave with our team on hand to demonstrate the solution and answer their questions. Events such as these are ideal to introduce innovative tools such as BHave that add to the richness of our client solutions,” says Carli van Wyk, Product Manager of Connect Software Services, a subsidiary of SilverBridge Holdings.

BHave enables clients to free up more time to do exploratory testing instead of being stuck performing basic processing tests that have to be repeated every time. Testing can also be done continuously to ensure product stability. Once automated tests are created, they can easily be repeated and extended to support manual testing.

A highlight of the beta testing was that clients could build their own BHave automation test packs. Several clients also certified themselves on the newly introduced BHave online training course.

“Automation testing is an essential component of successful development and something that BHave enables,” adds Van Wyk.

Specifically designed to work with Exergy architecture, BHave uses the API set and rules to check that values remain unchanged between product releases, unlike other solutions that only record actions on the user interface.

“The response to the BHave tool and the online training component has been very positive. We have seen the training being used to provide customers with a better understanding of the tool in a very short space of time. The course is also designed for non-technical business users. It consists of engaging videos, provides a recommended planning tool template and offers an interesting quiz to ensure the information is understood,” adds Van Wyk.

If you are interested in BHave or the training course, please visit and register. As it is an online course, users can complete it at their own pace with the average completion time being five hours.

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